Beeswax 1 LB - Heritage Bee Co.
Beeswax 1 LB - Heritage Bee Co.

Heritage Bee Co.

Beeswax 1 LB

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Our premium 100% pure Ontario beeswax is collected from hives along the Niagara Escarpment and is cleaner than most beeswax on the market. It's the real deal - made by our honeybees - and not blended with other waxes or fillers (like paraffin). 

We hand-render, hand-filter with organic cheesecloth, and hand-pour every block of beeswax. 

Only discerning customers will appreciate the exclusivity of our clean beeswax, plus the bee-utiful embossed logo – it's so darn pretty, you may want to hang it on your wall! We triple filter and hand-pour the wax at our Main Apiary.

Free of all toxins and harmful ingredients, 100% beeswax is ideal for making homemade products. Safe and eco-friendly, beeswax has a great many uses around the house, from coating tools for rust protection, as a lubricant, furniture polish, hair care and other all-natural beauty products. 

Sold in one (1) pound blocks imprinted with the Heritage Bee Co. logo.  

Limited quantity available each year after honey harvest.

Note: Actual shape of beeswax may appear different from the photo.

Pickup available at Heritage Bee Co. Usually ready in 4 hours

Beeswax 1 LB

Heritage Bee Co.

Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

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Why We Love It

One of our fave parts of beekeeping is working with beeswax. This magical compound, made by the bees, can be used for many different purposes. Make sure to know the origin of you wax....and buy local from your beekeeper.

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