We Make BeekeepingA Possibility

Through our hive hosting programs, we take care of all aspects of hive delivery, set-up, maintenance, and honey extraction for our clients through our popular hosting programs.

Our clients include countryside weekenders, backyard gardeners, city dwellers, small-scale organic farmers, and pretty much anyone who cares about the plight of the bees.

Support The Bees

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, but are facing the threat of disappearing due to modern agricultural practices, lack of habitat and increasing stressors.

The bee habitat is degrading. Industrial insecticides get into the bee’s nectar and pollen and air pollution limits the bee’s ability to find flowering plants.

Over one third of the world’s crop production is pollinated by bees. With the disappearance of the bees we face increased food prices and potential global shortages.

Heritage Bee Co. carefully selects locations that are idyllic for the bees. We encourage our hosts to plant pollinator gardens and provide a water source for the bees. Properties must be free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Our natural, organic approach means working in synchronicity with nature. We believe our sustainable approach is best for bee health over the long term.

Benefits of Hive Hosting

Hyper Local Honey

Members of our You Host program receive 36 jars of honey with a gorgeous personalized label.

Pollination For Your Gardens

Dramatically increased pollination for your flowers, fruit trees and veggie gardens.

Personalized Labels

Beautiful personalized labels with every jar of your honey. We aim to have all honey ready before Thanksgiving.

Unpasteurized, Raw Honey

Premium honey as nature intended. We carefully hand extract and package each hive. Minimally processed and unfiltered, you get all the wellness and health benefits.

Educational Experience

Part of being a hive host is the possibility to learn, observe and co-exist with these fuzzy essential insects.


We take care of all the heavy lifting involvedwith beekeeping.

You Host

Takes the difficulty out of beehive ownership and management on your country property. Our professional beekeepers take care of everything on your behalf. You can relax and enjoy the numerous benefits to you, your land and your community that honeybees naturally provide.


  • All hove registration, inspections & regular reporting
  • Full ongoing hive maintenance for at least two hives
  • Inspections for diseases & pests and overall bee health
  • Raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered natural hyper-local honey
  • Hand extraction, bottling and labelling
  • 36 jars of raw, 100% Ontario wildflower honey (375 g)
  • Honey available in October each season

We Host

For urban dwellers, we offer two unique programs to connect you with the bees and the land. Each season, there is an opportunity to be a part of the Private Apiary Tour. These 2 hour Bee Experiences are books through our Shop. (Due to Covid-19, all tours have been cancelled until further notice.)

We also offer honey from our hives with your very own personalized labels. Makes a beautiful gift for friends and family.

The full We Host experience can be purchased together or separately.