Featured Hive Hosts

Our honey bees are in good company. Our hives have been carefully placed in environments that fully support a broad range of food and water sources. Plus, our bees have the benefit of hanging around some pretty neat people and organizations that wish to make a difference in their world. Check out our community:
  • John Denison, Erin
    John Denison, Erin
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  • Sarah Lunn, Adjala
    Sarah Lunn, Adjala
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  • Catherine & Sarah, Erin
    Catherine & Sarah, Erin
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  • Jeanette McFarlane, Mulmur
    Jeanette McFarlane, Mulmur
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  • Peter and Sharon Fuchs, Toronto
    Peter and Sharon Fuchs, Toronto
    We Host
  • Cindy Dennis, Belfountain
    Cindy Dennis, Belfountain
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  • Ken Hall, Mulmur
    Ken Hall, Mulmur
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  • Craig Kilander, Toronto
    Craig Kilander, Toronto
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  • Susie Anderson, Ottawa
    Susie Anderson, Ottawa
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Help the Bees

Beehive hosts create a corridor of natural, treatment-free hives, in turn helping the bee population.